Technical Issues

Cannot hear the sound when browsing Animation Composer items

This usually happens when Animation Composer uses the wrong audio output device. Fortunately this can be easily changed like this: Play around with the audio settings until the "Test" button makes a sound.

Clicking on preset or precomp is very slow.

This issue occurs with some graphic card hardware + driver combination. Usually the following solution helps ( If the solution does not help, please let us know.

License key has been transferred to a Mister Horse account error

If you are experiencing this error it means that at some point you have added the license key to a Mister Horse account. When a key is added to Mister Horse account it no longer work, however you can use your Mister Horse account instead. To use your products with Mister Horse account do following: 1. Login into Animation Composer like this 2. Open "Manage Products" section. 3. Download your if necessary 4. The products should work from now on If you cannot see your products in the Man...

Cannot install Animation Composer - error 6

This issue happens when some application is blocking our installer. Usually when this happens the following steps help: 1. Restart PC 2. Check if some antivirus might be blocking our installer. 3. Make sure to close all application that might be interfering with the installation 4. Try to run the installer again If this does not help, please contact us.

Slow preset and precomp preview or green preview window.

We're sorry for inconvenience! It's a bug that only few people experience because it's hardware related. Please try following: 1. Open settings 2. Try changing the dropdown on the screenshot. This solution have worked with everyone so far. If it didn't work for you, please let us know.

How to uninstall Animation Composer?

Actually, this is not a frequently asked question because, well, who would want to uninstall such a great plug-in, right? But answer for this is not listed anywhere, so we have put it here. If you have purchased some products than remove those before proceeding. You can do that by opening Manage Products and removing all products. **How to uninstall Animation Composer on Windows** * Delete this folder: - for After Effects CC versions - C:\Program Files\Adobe\Common\Plug-ins\7.0\Me...

Collapse Transformations Bug

Problem: I've got a pre-comp that needs collapse transformations to be turned on so I can use multiply as a layer mode. But when I apply Animation Composer's preset, it loses it's "Multiply" effect. What can I do? Solution: This is a known issue. Unfortunately, we can't do anything about it :( "When a closed mask (with mask mode other than None), a layer style, or an effect is applied to a nested composition...

Skewed text with transitions jumps!

Problem: I'm having an issue with text transitions snapping (jumping to another position slightly) at the end of the "TR In" and the beginning of the "TR Out" when the text is skewed ("Skew" text effect is applied). When I take the skew off, the snapping stops. Solution: It's a known issue. Unfortunately, yet we don't know any fix on that. It's a deeper & complicated problem in After Effects that we might not be able to solve. This concerns only those presets which change "grouping alignment...

The plugin interface has a weird font, it’s gibberish!

If your Animation Composer plug-in interface looks this: It looks like you have somehow corrupted the Lucida Grande font. Probably you have multiple version of this font installed. Please, open the Font Book application and check whether there is no yellow exclamation mark sign next to the Lucida Grande font. Here’s a screenshot in which you can see how it should look like when there are no issues with that font.

Old versions of Animation Composer are no longer supported.

If you got to this page from Animation Composer, it's because you currently have an old version installed, which is no longer supported. Old versions of Animation Composer (older than the latest one) are no longer supported. Please update Animation Composer to the latest version. You can download it here:

Adobe After Effects issue with some CS6 versions

There is a problem with some older After Effects CS6 versions that could cause a crash while applying a precomp. For this reason we had to disable adding some precomps on these After Effects CS6 versions. Fortunately Adobe has released a free update/patch to After Effects CS6 that can be downloaded below. This update may fix some more issues unrelated to our plugin so we strongly suggest that you update it. Download link for Mac:

Activating products without internet access - "Unable to connect to our servers" error

The guide below will show you how you can activate Animation Composer products without internet access. Only use the following guide if there is absolutely no other way to grant your After Effects application internet access. So before proceeding please check if: * You internet is not just temporarily down. * Your firewall or router is not blocking After Effects application from accessing the internet. How to activate Animation Composer products without internet access * If yo...