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Technical Issues

Cannot install Animation Composer - error 6
This issue happens when some application is blocking our installer. Usually whe... more
After Effects 2017 update - Animation Composer is missing
When you update your After Effects Animation Composer will need to be reinstalle... more
Clicking on preset or precomp is very slow.
This issue occurs with some graphic card hardware + driver combination. Usuall... more
Slow preset and precomp preview or green preview window.
We're sorry for inconvenience! It's a bug that only few people experience becaus... more
Skewed text with transitions jumps!
Problem: I'm having an issue with text transitions snapping (jumping to another... more
Collapse Transformations Bug
Problem: I've got a pre-comp that needs collapse transformations to be turned o... more
The plugin interface has a weird font, it’s gibberish!
If your Animation Composer plug-in interface looks this: It looks like you ha... more
Old versions of Animation Composer are no longer supported.
If you got to this page from Animation Composer, it's because you currently have... more
Adobe After Effects issue with some CS6 versions
There is a problem with some older After Effects CS6 versions that could cause a... more
Activating products without internet access - "Unable to connect to our servers" error
The guide below will show you how you can activate Animation Composer products w... more
How to uninstall Animation Composer?
Actually, this is not a frequently asked question because, well, who would want ... more
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