Skewed text with transitions jumps!


I'm having an issue with text transitions snapping (jumping to another position slightly) at the end of the "TR In" and the beginning of the "TR Out" when the text is skewed ("Skew" text effect is applied). When I take the skew off, the snapping stops.


It's a known issue. Unfortunately, yet we don't know any fix on that. It's a deeper & complicated problem in After Effects that we might not be able to solve.

This concerns only those presets which change "grouping alignment" property for IN / OUT animation (the grouping alignment changes anchor point of each character / word / line).

Here's a simple workaround:

  1. Check the "grouping alignment" property value
  2. Disable the expression under "grouping alignment" property
  3. Set the value manually

The only issue with this is that the animation might sometimes look a little bit different. Not much, just a little bit. This shouldn't be an issue in this case. You might not even notice.