On how many computers can I use the Animation Composer products?

All Animation Composer products are licensed to a single user. It is prohibited by the Animation Composer End Use License Agreement to share the license with anyone else. 

Products purchased at MisterHorse.tv

You can be logged in on up to 2 computers at once.  Using your Mister Horse account, you can manage your active devices and easily switch between them.
You can register an account at misterhorse.tv. Using this same account, you can then log in to Animation Composer. 

Products purchased at Videohive.net

If you have purchased our products at Videohive.net, you can use the purchased licence key to activate them on 2 computers. However when you hit the activation limit you can create a Mister Horse account and then be able to manage licenses. With Mister Horse account you have option to login/logout from computer, so you should never have a problem with activation.