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Licencing Questions

How can I use my licensed products?
You can use Animation Composer and it's extensions to create unlimited number of... more
Returns and Refunds
We issue refunds for our products within 7 days of the original purchase of the ... more
"License was activated too many times" error
If you have purchased our products at Videohive.net (https://videohive.net), you... more
Transfering Videohive licence key to Mister Horse account
If you purchased a license key at Videohive.net, you can transfer this license k... more
On how many computers can I use Animation Composer products?
All Animation Composer products are licensed to a single user. It is prohibited ... more
Where can I find my license key for purchases from Videohive.net?
Where can I find the Licence Key? You can also find the purchase code (licence ... more
My licence key from Videohive doesn’t work
Troubleshooting: * Are you sure that it’s the right licence key for the rig... more
Where can I read the full licence terms?
You can read the full licence terms of Animation Composer here (http://misterhor... more
How do I remove my license from a computer?
If you are logged in and you have your licences under your account - you may jus... more
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