Activating products without internet access - "Unable to connect to our servers" error

The guide below will show you how you can activate Animation Composer products without internet access. 
Only use the following guide if there is absolutely no other way to grant your After Effects application internet access.

Before proceeding, please check:

  • You internet is not just temporarily down.
  • Your firewall or router is not blocking the After Effects application from accessing the internet.

How to activate Animation Composer products without internet access

  1. If you do not have one already, create a Mister Horse account.
  2. If you have purchased a product at transfer all the licenses to this Mister Horse account.
  3. Open the Animation Composer
  4. Go to "Settings" -> "Activating products without internet access" and click "Offline login" button
  5. Follow the instructions


This method activates all the products that can be downloaded from your Mister Horse account downloads section.