How to update Essential Sound Effects

The new Essential Sound Effects V2 is a free update you can download if you purchased the previous version. How to update: - Click this link ( (login with your Mister Horse account if asked) - Download your sound effects and follow the instructions - Important! Do not remove the previous version of Essential Sound Effects from your disk because it might still be used by your old projects We hope you will enjoy the new version :-)

How to install a preset pack from

The following installation instructions only apply to products purchased at To install a preset pack you can just drag and drop the ".acpi" file onto the Animation Composer plug-in. After the installation a pack has to be activated using your licence key (

How can I download & activate my products?

Here's how to do it: - Open Animation Composer in Adobe After Effects (Window > Animation Composer). - Log in to your account. - Go to the Manage Products panel. - Download the products. These instructions work only for Mister Horse accounts.

Can't find Animation Composer

You should be able to find the Animation Composer in the "Window" -> "Animation Composer" menu. If you have installed Animation Composer and it is missing in the Window menu, try the following troubleshooting: Possible solution 1. Just restart After Effects. There has been an issue when opening After Effects from Adobe Premiere that has caused the plugin to not load. Possible solution 2. Follow this uninstall guide (

Minimum Requirements

The minimum requirements for Animation Composer are as follows: - Adobe After Effects CS5 or higher - Windows Vista or Mac OS X 10.7 We do not plan to add support for older versions of Adobe After Effects or OS X.

Required Fonts

Here is a list of fonts that are used in some of Animation Composer's precomps: - Open Sans (,300,300italic,400italic,600,600italic,700,700italic,800,800italic) - Bebas Neue by Fontfabric (based on v1.4) ( - Lato ( - Roboto (,100,100italic,300,300itali...